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NEWS! N2S nominated for Three Drammy Awards! Best Ensemble, Best Devised Work, Best Director

I have good friends 20 years younger than me and also 40 years older than me.  Our relationships are rich and unusual.  When we are out together people try to label us.  They usually think we have a familial relationship.  Why else would we be hanging out?  How could we possibly be friends?  What in the world could we have in common? Time and again I watch my youngers and my elders get talked down to, discarded, treated as though they are invisible. Discriminated against. We are separated by age beginning in early school years and divisive behavior is encouraged into adulthood .  We are taught that the gap between generations is normal. 


I disagree.   This play is my argument.


I have paired people in their 20/30’s with people in their 60/70/80’s.  I have asked them to delve into the core of who they are, their life experiences, choices, mistakes, their secrets and to combine their life events with those of their partners.  It is an experiment.  How difficult would it be to bridge the divides? Is it possible to get so close with someone seemingly so far away?


The discussions I have been privy to are mind blowing.  So surprising! I have heard some of the most meaningful discussions about sex and love and death between people 40 years apart.  Real discussion.  Not lectures.  Not, “Back in my day…”  Not, “You just don’t understand!”  Real vulnerability, discovery and compromise.  I look forward to sharing these moments with you.            


Adrienne Flagg, Director Note to Self


Your biggest surprises come later than you think...


I too will make my children nuts as I age...


Be careful what you wish for...


You can only pretend to be two things for so long...


Being young is humbling.  Getting old is humbling. 

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