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What values are kept and what are discarded over the course of a life time?

What if you could talk to your past or future self? What would you say?  How would you answer?


Note to Self turns the argument between generations inward.  It is a personal examination of how individuals change and grow over time.  6 lives played by 12 diverse performers spanning 125 years of love, tragedy, joy, life. 


Divised from 100's of Notes to Self, using traditional theatre, poetry, music and dance Ensemble Members ranging in age from 23-80 blend their personal stories  into new characters that they play at different stages of life.


Nominated for Three Drammy Awards!

Best Ensemble

Best Devised Work

Best Director


Produced at Coho Theatre May 20- June 5, 2016 Note to Self sold out nearly every performance and had an overwhelmingly positive reception by both community members and critics.  The moment you entered the theatre your experience began with the Gallery installation by Tim Stapleton. The Tree of Notes invited you to peek at the hundreds personal notes used to develop the play as well as to to add your own making a dangling canopy of leaves, . Flip books for each audience member contained character images and inspiration. The set was an extension of Stapleton's gallery exhibit surrounded by a giant childhood picture album of the performers. Each performance culminated in a talk back session with a variety of guests including Age and Gender Equity in the Arts.

This particular production was unique to the performers and their stories.  It was a once in a life time gift to the public.  The process of Note to Self is available to other communities so that they may develop their own bridges through shared performance development. 

Run time 2 hours, one intermission.  Talk backs after performances.

Which generation are you? How comfortable are with that label?


Produced by Adrienne Flagg in Association with Coho Productions

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